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    Technical support

    The characteristics of wire walking

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    surface quality

    (1) nanosecond large peak current pulse power supply technology

    Two types of corrosion and melting and vaporization of metal in edm. Wide pulse width effect time long, easy to cause the melting process, the workpiece surface topography variation metamorphic layer thickening, increase of internal force, easy to crack. And pulse width to a certain value, acts in a very short time, forming the gasification process, metamorphic layer thickness can be reduced, to improve the surface quality, reduce stress, avoid cracks.

    Advanced WEDM-LS wire electric spark wire cutting machine adopts the pulse power supply for the pulse width of only a few tens of NS, peak current in more than 1 000 a, forming gasification erosion in not only the processing efficiency is high, and make surface quality is greatly improved.

    (2) anti electrolysis (BS) pulse power supply

    Water working fluid for low speed wire cutting edm. Water has certain conductivity, even after deionized treatment, electrical conductivity, but there are a number of ions. When the workpiece is connected to the cathode, in under the action of electric field, oh - ions will be on the workpiece continued to gather, caused by the oxidation and corrosion of iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, titanium, tungsten, and the hard alloy material binder cobalt into dissolved in the ionic state in water, forming the workpiece surface softening layer ". Once adopted improve the resistivity of measures (by tens of thousands of Europe? Cm to several hundred kilohms? Cm), as far as possible to reduce the concentration of ions, although the improvement in the quality of the surface plays a certain role, but still can not effectively completely solve the "softening".

    Anti electrolysis power supply is an effective technique to solve the "soften layer" of the work piece. Anti electrolysis power supply adopts alternating pulse, average voltage is zero, make in the working fluid in the OH - ion electrode wire and the workpiece in oscillation and not toward the workpiece and electrode wire, to prevent the oxidation of the workpiece material.

    The anti electrolysis power supply of electric spark linear cutting machine, the surface modification layer control below 1 m, avoid precipitation dissolution of cobalt hard alloy materials, ensure the life of hard alloy die.

    Cutting accuracy

    (1) multiple cutting technique

    Multiple cutting technology is a basic measure to improve low speed wire electrical discharge machining precision and surface quality of cutting. It is the design and manufacture technology, numerical control technology, intelligent technology, pulse power technology, precision drive and control technology of the integration of science. The general is through a cutting two times more than three times to improve the precision of cutting, cutting to improve the surface quality. In order to achieve high quality of the surface, the number of times to cut up to 9 to 7 times, only 3 to 4 times.

    (2) corner processing technology to optimize and improve

    Due to the lag of the electrode wire at the corner of the cutting corner, the corner part can be collapsed. In order to improve the cutting precision of the corner, the researchers have adopted more dynamic corner processing strategies. Such as: changing wire path; change the processing speed (Bo Ban); automatic pressure regulation; energy control processing etc..

    Through the corner of the comprehensive control strategy, rough machining angle shape error reduced by 70%, a cut of 5 microns with precision.

    (3) using the technology to improve the flatness

    High precision precision machining circuit is to improve the flatness of the technology, which is considered to be of great significance to the processing of thick.

    (4) the structure of the machine tool is more precise.

    In order to guarantee the processing precision, using a number of technical measures to improve the precision of temperature control host: 1. The temperature and water temperature are the same, and the thermal deformation of the machine tool is reduced by using the water temperature cooling device. Linear motor. High precision positioning in response to 0.1 m equivalent control can be realized, the feed no vibration, no noise, increasing the discharge frequency, stable discharge, twice cutting Ry5 m. The ceramic and polymer artificial granite parts, its thermal inertia is 25 times larger than that of the cast iron, reduce temperature change influence on the cutting precision. 4. Use fixed working table and column moving structure, improve the work table loading, is not affected by the immersion processing and the workpiece weight change. By the immersion process, reduce the thermal deformation of workpiece. The servo motor, closed-loop tension control of wire electrode. The high precision tool: the voltage modulation power tool. The precision can reach + 0.005 mm, do not damage the workpiece, both dry and wet.

    processing efficiency

    (1) the highest processing efficiency

    Due to the development of nanosecond high peak current pulse power supply technology and detection, control, anti-jamming technology, low-speed go wire electric spark wire cutting machine processing efficiency also continues to increase.

    (2) the machining efficiency of the workpiece with large thickness

    Japan's MITSUBISHI Motor Company FA-V series machine tool in cutting 300 mm thick, up to 170 mm2/min processing efficiency. This is very practical significance of the technology upgrade.

    (3) the machining efficiency of the workpiece with the change of thickness

    Automatic detection of workpiece thickness, automatic adjustment of processing parameters, to prevent the broken wire, the highest machining efficiency reached the state.

    (4) double wire automatic switching technology

    2030S1-TW ROBOFIL machine can use 0.20 ~ 0.02 mm of the electrode wire automatic double wire switching processing. Using coarse wire to the first cutting, wire diameter of 0.25 mm, in order to improve the machining efficiency and no core cutting. Then the filaments were trimmed. In general, the 0.10 mm. Filaments, cutting out small fillet, and can improve the accuracy. Overall savings of 50% to 30% of the cutting time.

    (5) fast automatic threading technology

    Automatic wire threading time 15 s; Japan Sodick company said to wear silk time 13 S. Japan Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, when the plate thickness of 50 mm, threading time for 10 s, shred, wear silk total time of 25 s.

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